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This Elite Edition includes strong features that can MULTIPLY Buzzious’ power and profit-generating potential in your company.

The Buzzious Elite Edition is ideal for people who want infinite firepower and more advanced features to put their business on autopilot.


You may focus on building your business instead of worrying about posting fresh material and keeping your empire of new sites updated.


With Buzzious Elite, you’ll have NO LIMITS on the size of your empire. Only if you take advantage of this one-time offer will you be able to lock in these strong features for the rest of your membership.

Ten Awesome Features of the Upgrade

UNLIMITED Viral News Sites

With this upgrade, you may make an unlimited number of viral news sites at no additional cost. The more NEWS sites you build, the more traffic you’ll be able to produce, which you can then monetize with passive money.

The beauty of this is that you can target a limitless number of niches with an endless number of viral news sites, such as COVID-19, which is now quite popular.

What happened as a result of this? For your NEWS SITE EMPIRE, more visitors and passive money.

UNLIMITED Sub-domains & Hosting

Simply using this function will save you hundreds of dollars on names and hosting. You’ll receive limitless sub-domains for as many sites as you want, as well as free hosting to update as many pages and articles as you want with our Elite Upgrade. (As you’ll see in #8, you may utilize your own domains with this update!)

There are no monthly hosting fees or domain registration fees to worry about. Simply design compelling and high-converting news websites with up-to-date content, launch them, and let Buzzious do the rest.


It’s all about the video. They’re frequently the most crucial part of your website’s content. Indeed, if you want to enhance visitor interaction, you must include videos on your website. As a result, we’ve included the option to generate infinite VIDEO POSTS in ANY niche with Buzzious Elite Edition.

All you have to do is push a few buttons, and you’re done! On your websites, you’ll have hot, trending news video postings driving free traffic and keeping people interested.

Curate Videos From YouTube and  Vimeo To Embed In Your Posts

Creating a video is no easy task. It necessitates a variety of talents, expertise, and video equipment, among other things. All of these annoyances might get in the way of achieving your passive income goals.

However, you won’t have to deal with any of these issues because this Elite update includes next-generation video curation technology. In just a few minutes, you can curate films from video giants YouTube and Vimeo and embed them in your blogs. After that, you may put the procedure on autopilot…

Curation and Posting Automation(Favorite Feature)

When Buzzious says PASSIVE PROFITS, it means it. You may set up auto-curated publishing schedules with the Elite Edition. Buzzious Elite will perform all the effort of discovering and uploading material for you after you put it up once… for weeks, months, or even years! You may curate content using any keywords, and you may schedule postings based on how quickly or slowly you want the site to expand. You may create auto-curation schedules for both articles and videos, as well as several schedules for different keywords. Buzzious Elite will then get to work for you, automatically retrieving trending material from top sources and posting it to your site for continued traffic and profit.

Exclusive Voting Poll Support

People enjoy participating in polls! They’re one of the best methods to increase interaction, draw attention, and learn about your audience’s preferences.

You may construct limitless voting polls on your news sites with this Elite upgrade, all from within the Buzzious dashboard. This will increase visitor engagement, keep them on your site longer, and allow you to earn more money from them.

Multilingual Support

Users from all over the world now utilize the internet to stay up to date on their favourite topics, and the majority of them prefer to visit sites in their native language.

As a result, it’s preferable to provide them updates in the language of their choice linked to their subject of interest. As a result, the Elite Edition includes Multilingual (108 Languages) support, allowing you to reach a worldwide audience.

Easy Social Login, Social Sharing, and Links Support

Visitors may use Facebook and Google to log in to their accounts on your websites. With just one click, your visitors may share your material (articles and videos) across many social networking sites. To gain more likes, followers, and leads, include your social media profile links on your viral site.

GIF & Emoji Support with 10 Layout Color Options

You’ll have ten colour options for your site’s layout, as well as support for GIF and Emoji in your articles to make them more appealing to your audience.

With all of these powerful capabilities, you can easily increase your traffic and money with just one click. There’s no need to spend any money on advertisements.

Sell Services To UNLIMITED Clients (With Commercial Rights)

Every month, sell services to an unlimited number of clients with no restrictions, allowing you to develop into new categories at your leisure. Selling your online services to a larger number of clients, resulting in thousands of dollars in more income with little further effort.

Profit from the massive demand from struggling businesses that are prepared to spend $1000 or more on each news site, plus a monthly maintenance cost!

This Elite Edition has no restrictions, which implies that if you choose the Commercial License option, it will have no restrictions as well! You are free to sell to as many customers as you wish!


Upgrade to Buzzious Elite Edition at an exclusive one-time price now!

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