Videos have become a great tools for online marketing. Making videos for marketing can be tedious. But videos are important and cannot e easily bypassed. For optimum results work has to be done to make the production of videos easier for online marketers. 

VideoDashboard claims to be the solution to this challenge. They are proposing a platform that will help you build limitless platform-specific videos that grab attention and bring you more consumers. You can research, discover, and monetize exponential growth trends before they happen! From one single app, you can plan and distribute your amazing videos across social media platforms. Using strong first-to-market technology, you can develop your business without paying for advertisements. Also, you can generate limitless free traffic, leads, and sales for yourself or sell to customers.

VideoDashboard also promises to provide:

Done-for-you videos: VideoDashboard‘s curated social calendar is jam-packed with 365 done-for-you videos, enough for every day of the year. It provides them to you a month ahead of time to ensure that they cover relevant and interesting subjects. Easy to personalize with your logos and branding by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, you may utilize copyright-free YouTube videos on any subject. Finding these creative commons videos is a snap, thanks to the built-in video keyword search.

Template-based videos: You’ll get over 100 beautiful platform-specific video templates that have already been scaled for 7 distinct social media sites. All of the templates may be edited to your heart’s content. Professional design and animations  have already been created for you. Your message, branding, and calls to action may all be easily added. Each template is platform-specific, meaning it was created specifically for the platform in question

Bring your own video: In the dashboard, upload any pre-made videos you’ve created with other apps… They may be used with any template, and they can be used as a background for your videos to give them a unique touch. Share your videos on all of VideoDashboard’s strong networks.

Interesting Features of VideoDashboard

All-in-one video marketing software

Done-for-you, template-based, bring your own or repurpose movies from other people… and easily personalize anything with drag-and-drop simplicity!


Compatible with videos made on any other platform

Simply import them into the program to take use of all of VideoDashboard‘s traffic and automation features.


Platform-specific templates

Beautiful video themes that are optimized and scaled for each social media platform for optimum traffic and easy sharing. There is no need for any modification.


Integrated mobile app

From your phone, you can control traffic anywhere, at any time… The first technology to directly upload to TikTok and Instagram.


One-click syndication to 11 of the hottest social networks

Get massive amounts of free traffic from both established authority platforms and the newest upstarts.


Exclusive “market-pulse” content search

To increase your interaction and traffic, use a custom engine to identify viral hot subjects.


Influencer marketing “deep-search”

Repurpose top influencers’ viral content, hash tags, and descriptions for your own personal benefit.


Done-for-you video content for 365 days (full year)

Daily selected videos with new themes provide you with all of the benefits of content marketing without any of the labour.


Advanced hands-free automations

Insta-post, plan, or setup campaigns weeks ahead; automate your whole video and social marketing strategies.


10 weeks vip webinar training

Hand-holding and step-by-step instruction are provided to assure your success.


Free commercial license

For various income streams, sell both video and social marketing services to anyone: local companies, other marketers, and online shop owners.

VideoDashboard promises you to make you say goodbye to all the hassles accompanied with video creation. 

There are bonuses and steep discounts on the SALES PAGE. Hop in and get them while they are still available. The prices may just jump with demand. I bet you don’t want to be left out!

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