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If the thought of creating a funnel still gives you the creeps, you’ll enjoy this! A funnel is simple to create, but what if you didn’t have to create one at all… but keep adding funnels to our marketplace at the rates you want?


You can with the FunnelMates Platinum upgrade.


Each month, you’ll receive $30 in FunnelMates Cash to spend on any funnel you like. Some of the funnels provide “WhiteLabel” rights, which normally cost a bit more, but with Funnelmates cash on hand, you’ll be able to pay it.

A white label funnel already has everything established in it, including pages and emails. You can customize these funnels anyway you want, set your pricing, and resell them on the marketplace, or give them out for free and build a steady stream of members to your list!


This platinum upgrade expedites the funnel building process, putting you in the driver’s seat of a “highly compensated funnel owner” much sooner.


It’s also ok if you don’t want to run your own funnel. Instead of two free funnels each month, you may use your platinum capabilities to activate an endless number of instant funnels and use your FunnelMates cash to purchase even more!


Every month, you’ll receive a new $30 “FunnelMates Cash” top-up to use on your favourite funnels.

If you don’t want to select, save some money and we’ll reward you with our special exclusive staff selection at the end of the month.

Have $20 in FM money left over? Your money will be exchanged for a platinum member-only funnel.


Have you paid the entire $30? Your platinum funnel will be upgraded to whitelabel exclusive licensing. You’ll be able to personalize the pages, emails, and any other aspect of the funnel before quickly listing it in the shop!

You’ll need to customize a whitelabel funnel to list it, but it’ll only take you 10-15 minutes max – and we’ll teach you how!


These hot funnels aren’t accessible in the FunnelMates store, so you’ll have to get them through your account!


Point, Click & Clone Your Way To Faster Funnels Flooding Your Autoresponders With Targeted Leads!


Open doors to multiple marketplaces & networks effortlessly, giving you a near-unfair advantage! You can add links to anything you want to sell with ease, opening up endless opportunities to sell on your favorite platforms, such as Thrivecart, Samcart, Woocommerce, Shopify, Kartra, and Amazon.


  • Higher Ticket Products: Our existing integrations are wonderful for low-cost entry, but if you have something other than JVZoo, W+, or anything similar, this is ideal for you. You may use this to establish an affiliate army ready to give you sales if you’re utilizing a site like Kartra or SamCart (or a variety of other platforms).
  • Coaches and Teachers: Anyone who wants to build a list quickly without putting in a lot of effort is a good fit for one of your funnels, and with the Platinum upgrade, you can allow them to link to their own website, courses, downloads, and more.
  • Easy Social Funnels: Although sites like Clubhouse and Facebook are popular for attracting audiences, few individuals utilize them to develop lists. These funnels make it simple for anybody in any area to develop lists and earn money by just putting a link to their profile.

  • Second-Tier Promos: Inquire about second-tier commissions with product owners. Quite a few. You may then design a funnel for their offer, and not only will you earn funnel sales, but you’ll also automatically share in the earnings if anybody uses your funnel to make a sale…!
  • Multi-Level-Marketers: Create a funnel and put it on the marketplace; when someone activates the funnel, you can send them YOUR referral link so they may join the MLM opportunity you’re marketing. Creating a downline and providing them with amazing sales materials is also important.
  • Link To Anything: You may sell straight from your website or connect to a PayPal purchase form with the FunnelMates Platinum upgrade.
    You may charge a lot more for these fully customizable funnels and tell your funnel customer where to route the traffic!

Upgrade to FunnelMates Platinum and create more funnels today! 

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