Commission Gorilla V3 Sales Page Bypass (Add On) was designed to bypass the sales pages and make your patronage buy easily from the vendor checkout.

Here is how it works:

  1. Promote your page: Make a ByPass link for your Commission Gorilla page and utilize it (rather than a regular affiliate link).

  2. Sell directly on your page: When a visitor hits the CTA button on your page, they are directed straight to the checkout.

  3. Receive your commissions: You receive your commission payout as usual, but with greater conversions and no leaks on the sales page.

Great features of the Commission Gorilla ByPass Add On

Direct Link to the Vendor’s Cart

No need to bother about complicated code when linking to the vendor’s cart. By scanning the vendor’s sales page and creating the connection for you, the Sales Page Bypass will convert your ordinary affiliate links into direct-to-cart sales connections.

It’s quite powerful, but it’s also really simple to use.

Remove any and all potential page leaks

You’ll be able to stitch up every single trick the merchant does in an attempt to construct a list from your traffic.

What happens if the sales page isn’t up to par? That’s OK. It will go undetected by your traffic.

JVZoo and Clickbank are both great places to start (Others Coming Soon)

You get access to two of the most well-known affiliate networks, each with a plethora of items ripe for revenue.

Simply plug in to start making money. In the months ahead, we’ll be introducing new networks.

Make More Money By Using the Backdoor Crazy Tactic

One of the biggest reasons you’re not generating sales is that you’re attempting to sell what everyone else is selling. This is especially true when launching a new product. It’s like a swarm of rats vying for a single grape!

With the Sales Page Bypass, you can avoid all of the launch ‘sheep’ and get a 50-100 per cent increase in conversions and sales.


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