With your simple VideoCreator license, you can produce hundreds of short animated videos with ready-to-use video templates for every marketing target.

However, there is a snag…

To really skyrocket your company as a 360-degree marketer, you must be able to produce CUSTOM long-form multimedia presentations, screen capture recordings, lectures, video lessons, and instructional videos.

Using complex video applications such as Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, and others to create long-length animated videos is difficult, costly, and time-consuming.

To address this problem, we developed the VidEditor software, a brand new cloud-based 3-in-1 video editor, screen recorder, and video animation suite with ground-breaking functionality for creating long-form animated videos!

VideoCreator and this software are fully compatible. In the VidEditor app, transform the short videos you make in VideoCreator into personalized long-length animated videos!

Cool Features To Look Out For:

Multi-Track Camtasia Style Timeline Editor
To cut, edit, blend, and organize video frames, use the Camtasia-style timeline Video Editor interface.

Webcam Video Recorder
A HD webcam recorder to instantly record your face and create amazing talking head videos in seconds.


In-App Voice Recorder
A high-definition webcam recorder that can capture your face in real-time and transform it into awesome talking head images in a matter of seconds.


Powerful Screen Recorder
Powerful screen capture software similar to Loom that allows you to record something on your computer and make awesome tutorials, videos, classes, presentations, and more.

With built-in Text-to-Speech, you can convert any text into a life-like male and female voice!

Green Screen Removal
You can easily adjust the backdrop of every video and incorporate special effects to turn it from a dull video into a visual masterpiece.

Motion Text Effects & Animations
Enhance the videos with intros and outros, lower thirds, text animations, and effects!

Advanced Fonts & Text Editing
Change the color, scale, font, and even animation of the text and names.

Upload Your Media
Import your images, videos, and music into the app to personalize your videos.

Unlimited Storage
There are no extra costs for storing all of your uploaded assets in the app.

Resize, Move & Zoom Effects
Add a zoom and pan effect to every feature of your video to highlight it. Change the scale of every picture or text for maximum display versatility.

Unlimited Videos Forever
There are no caps or subscription payments. Create, edit, and personalize videos with ease.

It’s time to skyrocket your company to greater heights using great videos! Buy VidEditor at affordable prices here.

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