Creating a funnel takes time, and we all agree to this. One needs these to create a basic lead capture funnel: a catchy magnet as the incentive, the landing page, thank you/download pages, sales copy written for the pages and the likes.
Creating a funnel also costs money. You will need to build the pages, design the graphics, format the PDF, and these cost money. You will also need to pay for the domain name, hosting and an autoresponder software. Or you can give the job to another and hope for good delivery.

Despite these problems of cost and time, the solutions lie with FunnelMates Deluxe!.
You’re about to get a constant supply of email-packed fresh lead magnets on your subject matter. Get this for your audience at the touch of a button! Funnel Mates makes it really easy!

Some features that make Funnel Mates trustworthy are:

  1. It is beginner-friendly and has a 27-second activation.
  2. It boasts of high-converting landing pages with lead magnets that attract subscribers in their numbers.
  3. It gives you a fully integrated funnel that places your links to offers on web pages
  4. There is no setup needed. Everything is hotels for you at no extra cost.
  5. Hosted email software and autoresponder integration.
  6. Provides unlimited professionally-written follow up emails.
  7. Email promotions for offers on several popular affiliate networks are automatically included. Funnel Mates is integrated with brands like JVZoo, PayKickstart and Amazon.
  8. Click tracking and statistics
  9. One-click automatically customized traffic toolkit.
  10. GDPR Compliant
  11. Mac, PC and mobile-friendly
  12. Hundreds of funnels by request
  13. Peer-reviewed rating system
  14. You get the opportunity to use your own domain name and add your own scripts.

You gain more when you use Funnel Mates! There are bonuses waiting for you when you purchase Funnel Mates. Why not get these benefits now?

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