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DoodleMaker is the world’s first Doodle Video Creation Software, allowing you to use the power of an Intuitive Artificial Intelligence to create eye-catching, professional-looking Doodle Videos in 30 languages with ease.

DoodleMaker, in particular, helps you to transform any video or piece of content into one of three formats: Blackboard, Whiteboard, or Glassboard Switcher, with only a few mouse clicks.

We’re all aware that video content is sweeping the globe. It is becoming increasingly relevant to companies in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Because they’ve been forced to close, the only way they can make money now is to go online. This has resulted in increased online rivalry, forcing them to find new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and catch visitors’ attention.


Over 300 templates

Over 300 Whiteboard, Blackboard, and Glassboard Video Templates are included in DoodleMaker, all of which are in the most common niches and industries. The best part is that they come complete with realistic human voiceovers, effects, and animations, so they’re ready to use right away! These models can be customized in any way you want, whether for personal or commercial use!

Full customization and flexibility

This means DoodleMaker gives you full control over your doodle, allowing you to customize it to your heart’s content. Thus, whether it’s your own project or a client’s project, you can add a personal touch that allows you and doodle to be original.

Video translation using Artificial Intelligence

As I previously said, DoodleMaker can assist you in voice-overring any video, and then the inbuilt AI translation engine will generate a professional-looking doodle video in over 30 languages on demand. Simply upload your video or paste a YouTube URL, and the magic will happen in a matter of minutes! You will be able to make a fantastic doodle video with very little effort!

Furthermore, this AI technology allows you to use either pre-populated human male or female voice overs or your own. On demand, DoodleMaker will translate your audio into over 100 voices in over 30 languages.

In 60+ Languages, Human-style text-to-speech

To use as a voiceover for your videos, convert any text into a beautiful male or female voice. Both major languages and accents are supported! The beautiful models include human male and female voiceovers, as well as effects and animations that are already completed and ready to use! There’s no need to appear on camera, record your own voice, or hire expensive voiceover talent.

Video capabilities that can be used for several purposes

From within ONE platform, create a Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard, or videos with your own custom background image or color!

Share in HD quality anywhere

To post your videos on any website, download them in 720 or 1080 FULL HD. With the included YouTube and Vimeo Publisher, you can save time.

Black and white or full color

Create videos in vibrant full color or timeless black and white to create the perfect theme for any post.

Switcher for blackboard, whiteboard and classboard

Convert every video into one of three formats in a matter of seconds. Create any video and change the style with a single click! The built-in artificial intelligence engine will automatically change the colors of your images and text to match the theme of your film!

Speech recording in the app

Record speech or upload and sync a pre-recorded audio file to use as the voiceover for your Doodle images.

Thousands of high-definition doodle images and icons

Convert every video into one of three formats in a matter of seconds. Create any video and change the style with a single click! Customize your masterpiece with doodle images from the included library, Pixabay / iconfinder integration, or by uploading your own photos.

Doodle style transitions built-in

Transitions in the style of next-gen doodles to give your videos that extra pop and professional feel. Fade-in, Slide-from-Bottom, Slide from left/right, or hand paint your text and photographs with a single touch!

There are also other features and lots of bonuses

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